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We dive deep into growth strategy, moat building, and becoming the kind of CEO that creates a business others will envy.

Why listen to me?

I'm an active-duty, in the weeds founder & CEO leading a team of 100+ employees.

I'm building two companies right now (Pela Case & Lomi).

Sold my first company after 10 years of bootstrapping.

15+ years as a founder/CEO, I'm still learning and writing about the journey.

Here's some things you'll learn:

  1. Designing your business as a category of one.
  2. How to become a great CEO.
  3. Create marketing and growth strategy that scales profitably.
  4. Hire, train, and retain world-class teams.

Oh yah. This is free and I have no sponsors selling you things you don't need.

written by

Matt Bertulli

March 26, 2023
1:36pm TZ

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